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Wingles Construction, Inc. can provide any of the following services for homeowners or commercial developers.


Photo of stamped concrete

Custom Stamping
Our expertise is custom stamping. We pour the cement and then stamp the design of your choosing directly into the cement before it sets. We have many different designs. (See our gallery pictures for samples of the designs we offer.) Learn More

Concrete Flatwork
We do all types of poured concrete flatwork for residential and commercial properties.  This includes any area where concrete is desired including walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks, etc.

Colored Concrete (at time of pour)
We provide colored concrete surfaces using either integral color or dust-on color. Integral color is already mixed into the concrete, while dust-on color is applied to the very top layer of the concrete. Dust-on color provides a true and even color result, and much lighter concrete colors can be achieved using this technique.

Photo of exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate
A different look than stamped or stained concrete, exposed aggregate consists of a new concrete pour with color stones added at the end of the process that are revealed by water or sand blasting the finish. This is a good choice for a durable and stylish outdoor surface that is almost maintenance-free.

Color Staining (at time of pour or on existing concrete)
A colored stain is applied to existing concrete to change the color or to renew the concrete’s look and finish. (See photo gallery for color options.) Learn More

Resealing is done with the application of a sealant over concrete which has been cleaned or sandblasted and is suggested for any stamped or decorative concrete to prolong and protect its finish. The sealant Wingles Construction uses is GST International Sealer which is a solvent-based, crystal clear, deep penetrating barrier coating for decorative concrete. A “damp-wet” look can be achieved with the low sheen sealer or a shinier “water-wet” look will result with our high gloss sealer. Either finish will enhance and beautify the color and the look of your masonry surface. Learn More

Concrete Saw Cutting
Cutting existing concrete for expansion joints, removal of section for re-pour, or decorative saw cuts for design.

Concrete Demolition
Demolition and removal of existing concrete either in preparation for a new pour or landscaping.

Dirt Work – Grading
Grading is done to prepare the dirt prior to the application of the concrete. This includes the removal of any grass or foliage and the disposing of such. Any existing concrete is demoed and removed and is part of this service.

Concrete Sealing
Wingles Construction uses time-tested products, and when it comes to sealants, we use Sonneborn SL-1 which provides the best adhesion and sealing even under extreme conditions. It is a polyurethane self-leveling sealant which is applied to the joints in the poured concrete. This service will enhance the value and extend the useful life of your concrete.


Photo of stamped concrete