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Colored Stain Concrete

The experienced professionals at Wingles Construction can restore your driveway to that “like-new” look. Turn the old and gray to sleek and clean —dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Our concrete stains are eco-friendly, water-based and long lasting. They are also durable, economical, low maintenance and available in a variety of colors.

Water Based Stains are similar to acid based stains in the sense that one can still achieve a translucent look like acid; some stains are able to achieve an opaque color and/or a translucent effect. The main difference is that acid stains react to the concrete and change the physical make up of the concrete material, whereas water based stains are more of a "coating" that bonds with the concrete. There are many variations of water based stains that have come into the decorative concrete industry that perform in a number of different ways. Some are polymer based, acrylic and epoxy. (See photo gallery for color options.)

Wingles has been helping Kern County home owners enhance and protect their concrete surfaces for more than 17 years.