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Decorative Concrete Resealing

Your stamped or decorative colored concrete should be periodically resealed to protect the investment that you have made. Our deep bonding formula seals against gasoline, grease, oils, water and acid and delivers superior wear and fade resistance.

The deep penetrating barrier coating is available in high gloss and low sheen finishes. They are UV resistant and non-yellowing.

Penetrating sealers can be applied to dry or damp surfaces and should be properly matched with substrate porosity in order to penetrate the surface, clot, and form a barrier. Penetrating sealers generally do not significantly modify substrate appearance. They are chemically reactive and bond with minerals in cement reducing the amount of free silica available for ASR and reduce moisture required to induce ASR. As well as blocking surface moisture they block subterranean moisture and can reduce efflorescence. Lastly, penetrating sealers can harden and increase the density of concrete, increasing its strength as measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Wingles Construction has been protecting their customers’ stamped concrete for more than 17 years and will provide the same professional care for yours. Most jobs are completed in one day.